Monday, October 8, 2012

4 More Days

This Saturday I am walking/running the Whistlestop Half Marathon in Ashland with my sister.  I am very excited to do this, even though I am no where near as ready as I was hoping to be.  That is ok, I will cross that finish line, come hell or high water. 

I decided to do this to get more "in shape".  Which that thought brings me back to days of old when I worked on summer staff at camp and we were playing an all camp game and I over heard a conversation between a camper and a counselor after the counselor tagged the camper.  It went something like this...
Camper:  "No fair!  You are in shape." 
Counselor:  "Round is a shape!" 
Yes Round is a shape.  One I was hoping to shrink.  That little incident a while back, leading to the drowning of a little girl threw me off my plan.  Well, plan or not, T minus 4 days!

Sis and I already decided that we are going to do it again next year and we haven't even started the race yet.  We'll see what happens comes Saturday afternoon, but I am guessing we will do it again.  Us "Klevgard Girls" can be pretty darn stubborn at times.  ;)

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