Friday, February 28, 2014

Will Winter End?

This is a question that my kids ask me on a daily basis.  I also believe that the chickens are also asking this every time I stick my head in the coop.  I answer my kids, "Yes, it will end."  They ask "When?"  I say "June!"  I hope that it ends much earlier then June, but this way I have a pretty strong feeling that I won't be letting them down.

Adin is in the middle, the other two boys are my nephews.
Some things that we have been doing to keep us entertained with all this snow (when there isn't Arctic Temps blowing) is teaching the kids to cross country ski and snowshoe.  My sister brought down some smaller skis that the boys don't fit into any more and a pair that is just too big for them jet.  The kids love them, especially Adin.  Every chance he has gotten since January 25 he has been skiing.  He even skied in Ashland's Book It (the kid's version of the Book Across The Bay.) While the Olympics were on, we watched every cross country ski race and biathlon that was on.  Ole Einar Bjorndalen from Norway became a favorite in our house.  I think Adin may become a future bi-athlete.  The girls are getting pretty good also.  We just have to switch between skiing and snow showing with them.  I tried to break out my old old old skis and I need different boots.  I have decided that snow shoeing is more my style with my weak right ankle, much harder to roll the ankle with snow shoes.

There has also been lots of sledding, shoveling and snow-blowing/plowing.  We are running out of room.

We have also been enjoying some snuggle time with the 3 beagle ladies.  No bunny hunting this year, we would loose these 3 girls in the snow.

 They will take all the snuggling that they can get.

I have found my self on Pinterest more often looking at gardeny things.  I NEED to get my hands in the soil.  Soon I'll be able to start some seeds and pray the cat doesn't make a mess.  He can be trouble.  Here is a happy summer garden picture to warm us all up.  Hope it helps.  I know it brings a smile to my face.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Sugaring This Year

The family has decided to forgo the Sugaring season this year.  We have much to much snow and we still have about 3/4 of the syrup that we canned last year left.  Time to give the trees a year off, they deserve it after this winter.