Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tidbits #2

Today is a tidbit day, nothing big, just tidbit thoughts.

1. Starting to wonder if we will need tip-ups or a boat for fishing opener in a week and a half.  Who knows?  This is by far the latest that there has been ice on Lake 26 in a really LONG time.

2.  Chickens with spring fever is not a good thing.  They are crabby, don't like the snow, and scold me whenever I try and take the few eggs that they are laying.  Thank goodness we have Lucy, or ever faithful Leghorn.

3.  You know that spring needs to get here when you tell your kids to go out and play and they look at you and say "Mom we are so over snow!"  Ouch!  Bring on the bike riding weather.

4.  I have been dealing with a sprained ankle and nerve damage/pain and no dorsal flexion in my right foot for over a month now.  Found out I have a herniated right L5 disk and may need surgery after I finish my spring semester finals.  Yuck!  What a way to start summer.

Well, have a great snow melting day.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Hate April Snow

Ok.... What is up with this Wisconsin weather?  It is the end of April and we still have tons of snow.  Hopefully that will be ending this weekend as it is "predicted" to reach 70 degrees.  We'll see.

Sugaring has been going well the last few weeks.  We are over our 70 gallons of sap collected (we lost count) but we have 12 pints of syrup canned already and 24+ gallons yet to boil down.  That should be enough to last us another 2 years.  :)

I am so glad that I have not started my seeds yet.  By the time that the ground gets to a place were I can actually plant out the seedlings they would be too long and gangly.  I will be starting my seeds this weekend I believe.  I can't wait to get my hand dirty in the garden and my chickies can wait to get outside without snow.   They are all a bit crabby.

Well off to school I go - I have less than one month left of this semester.  I have loved it.  Wishing you all a bright and sunny snow melting day.