Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autumn Aroma

Since September 1, I have been teaching preschool at the sister Day Care/Preschool to the one that I used to work at and that my kids go to.  I love it!  Anyway, this week we are talking about our senses and yesterday we went on a "smelling walk."  While we were on the walk (through town) it brought me back to why I truly love Autumn, the smells. 

Growing up on a decent sized farm (in those days) in west central Wisconsin, there were so many wonderful and not so wonderful smells come autumn.  Most of what I remember are wonderful.  The most distinct is the smell of silage.  For those who aren't familiar with it, it is chopped up corn (stalks and all) and deposited into a pit silo (at least on our farm) and then covered with black plastic and old tires to hold the plastic down.  To me, that is a wonderful and inviting smell that says "home!"  My second favorite smell of autumn is of the drying and falling leaves and fortunately I can still smell that here on our little corner of the world.  There is also the smell of apples, pumpkins baking and other canning/baking that happens in the autumn.  This time of year is just so aromatically pleasing.  What are some of your favorite autumn aromas?

This fall has been busy for all of us here on our corner of the world.  Trying to get the garden put to bed, things canned and preserved, project to-do lists done, duck boat up and running, getting hunting licenses and bow target practises, getting kids to school and preschool, teaching preschool and just spending time together that I have not been on the computer.  Yikes.  I can't say that the next few months will be much different, as we are in the "hunting season" time of year that runs from Sept 1-mid December, and as our meat freezer is getting empty we have to organize our priorities.  Wish us luck in filling it.  :)

Oh - update on our lazy chickens.  Well they are still lazy as there hasn't been an egg found.  At what age do chickens usually start laying?  I thought it would be by now, but then I heard somewhere that Buffs don't lay until they are 5 months old (that isn't until November - yikes).  Anyone know about Leghorns, Dominics and Redstars?  I do know that Bumblebee won't be laying, but if he doesn't be nice, he will become dinner.  He has gotten such an attitude lately.  Boys!