Saturday, February 16, 2013

How You Know You Live With A Trapper

How you know you live with a trapper.
1.  You catch random wifts of "beaver" as you pass the hooks that your "Trapper" hangs his outside clothes on.
2.  The door knobs of the barn and the steering wheel of the truck are a little slippery with beaver grease.
3.  You have happy chickens who get a beaver carcass as a big treat in their run.
4.  Your hubby has a treasured ice chisel.  Heaven help us if it ever got lost.
5.  You know the difference between a conibear and leg hold trap.
6.  You always know what is good ice and what is bad ice.
7.  There are Ziploc baggies of ? in the freezer.  Oh yeah, it is just bait.
8.  The aroma of the Fur Shed in town doesn't offend you.
9.  Your kids and nephews like to go beaver and rat "hunting".
10.  Your trapper gets a bit stir crazy when there is just too much ice to chop so you are waiting for things to warm up and the ice to thin out.