Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tidbits #3

Today is a tidbit day, nothing big, just tidbit thoughts.

1.  Our fields are finally done and planted with Rye.  We have the "Bee Field" on the north side of the barn, which will eventually be fenced in and grow more fruit trees, grape vines, sweet corn and clover.  I will also be the home of our future bee hive and an area where our 3 pudgy beagles can run.  On the south side of our house we have the "Park" as I call it because there are still some beautiful trees back there and it looks like a park.  The Hubby has deemed it "South Park."  I don't think so.  This is our food plot for our resident deer and hopefully a few wild turkeys.

2.  We are in round 2 of raising meat chicks.  We are about 4 weeks into the process with about 3-4 more to go.  Chicks are funny when they sleep.  Last evening when I went to put them to bed, one was sleeping under the heat lamp with it's right leg and wing all stretched out, until it tipped over.  :)  It got up, shook it's head, turned in a circle and snuggled back in.  Silly bird.

3.  Trapping and hunting season is fast approaching.  We are drying clean sand for trap sets.  Climbing stands are attached to trees to be aired out.  Rat poles are being cut and prepared, and the Hubby and Adin will be going to a wolf trapping class this weekend.  Our Mighty Trapper got himself a wolf tag this year.   Can I say jealous!

4.  It is almost time to pick my last batch of green beans and can them away for winter.  Next year I will have to plant twice as many beans.  They are a favorite around this homestead.

5.  We finally tested our soil and found out we do have acidic soil (which we knew, we just didn't know how acidic).  In our 2 acre "Park" field, we had to put down 7 tons of lime.  Holy cow!  That is a lot of lime.

6.  Did you know that crushed Ag lime is different that barn lime?  Who knew.  Not this farm girl, who's only experience with lime that I remember is putting down this very white and chalky lime in the barn.  I was so confused when we got this tan colored stuff.  If anyone actually knows the difference other than color, let me know, I am curious.

7.  We have a new to us freezer.  It came from my parents who are moving and do not need this big of a chest freezer any more.  It is not a new freezer, as it is the one I remember having back on the farm in the garage for as long as I can remember.  I don't care.  Because of this wonderful freezer, I am now able to take all of the frozen food out of the chest freezer in the barn and move it to a food only freezer.  Hubby's barn freezer can now be exclusively for taxidermy projects and trapping bait.  This is one happy Mama.  Simple pleasures.